We promise to change the world through technology coupled with innovation at a show never before. Experience the grandeur where ideas meet ability to showcase the finest masterpieces.


Collection of Interesting and informative displays of scale models. Within each display are technical details of real automobile with a list of highlights the decade series (21st Century) features automobiles which have been customized by the Students. The workshop scene displays too are a part of this series.


Where over 10,000 students come together to witness the most spectacular forms of cutting age technological grandeur from all over the nation. Just come to JTF and let imagination run free as we show you what the world’s future has in store.


We have great pleasure to introduce our self as an association of ISLE(Indian Society of Lighting Engineers), ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers)& CLUB FIRST. This association is presenting Jaipur Technical Festival & Expo-2014 (JTFE-14) from February 15th to 17th 2014 at SMS Investment Ground, Jaipur. The main objective of this fest is to promote Clean & Green Technologies for Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation.
World Record

World Record

We aim to make a record which encompasses the largest assembly of robots (1100 robots) which are manually prepared by the students and assembled in a single day. All the robots will be controlled through a wireless protocol from a longest distance.
School Initiatives

School Events

The main vision of Jaipur technical festival competitions such is to improve the quality in science and engineering by bringing together schools, universities, and business and therefore provide an exchange of resources, clever ideas, problems and mutual needs. Depending on the difficulty and goal of the competition, this may require a certain educational level (PhD, Master, Undergraduate, and High School) and expertise (hardware, software). The aim of this competition is to provide experience to the students in building and programming robots, learning the difficulty of integrating together sensing and control and acting sustainably by using their own ideas to the stage of design and implementation.

Tech Workshops

Workshops play a major role in fulfilling JTF’S aim of spreading the latest science and technology by living up to the saying “learning by doing”. Students get a unique opportunity to apply the theory they learn and have fun interacting with the speakers.

Print Media News

Jaipur Technical Festival™ (A technical fest & Engineering Expo.) Jaipur Technical Festival™ “where technology meets no end” aims to aware about technology to students by collecting different colleges, schools, universities and their innovations at a single platform.

Club First

Through Jaipur Technical Festival™, the CLUB FIRST team has aimed to provide technical awareness to the rural people and at the same time creating awareness regarding the basic facilities such as water harvesting ,irrigation facilities ,energy conservation and the list goes on and unending.


The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE) is a professional body in the field of illuminating engineering with a broad based membership of scientists, engineers, architects, academicians, researchers, designers and others interested in lighting issues. ISLE is affiliated to the CIE, the International Commission on Illumination.


ISHRAE started at Delhi in 1981 and a Chapter was started in Bangalore during 1989. Between 1989 & 1993, ISHRAE Chapters were formed in all major cities in India and also in the Middle East.